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Where is the date code on a QO,QOB and HOM circuit breaker?

Need to know when a QO, QO or HOM breaker was manufactured

Product line:

Miniature breakers

Need to know when a breaker was built for warranty or recall.

The older design of breakers had a 2-letter date code printed in red on the small white label on the end of the breaker.
As an example, the breaker in this picture has date code LW.

The first letter indicates the month: "A" for January, "B" for February, "C" or March, etc.
The second letter indicates the year. This does mean a specific letter could refer to a few different years. For example, "A" could indicate 1950, 1971, or 1992. Here is a complete list.

The breaker pictured above was manufactured in November of either 1969 or 1990. 

Newer breakers have a 4-digit number laser etched by the toggle.
As an example, the breaker in this picture has a date code 0925.

On the new style circuit breakers, the first two digits indicate the year, and the second two indicate the week. In the picture above, the breaker was manufactured in the 25th week of 2009. 
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