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What are the replacement parts for the P1200S, series A01?

Current design repair parts

Product line:
Circuit Breaker Enclosures

repair parts



Following are the replacement parts for the P1200S, series A01. No other parts are available.

ENCLOSURE COVER ASSEMBLY -  P1200SC (This assembly is the large cover on the front of the enclosure, onto with these items are installed: Breaker Closing Plate, handles, lower support bracket, and cover latch. A quantity of 8 Cover Mounting Screws are also included.)
BREAKER CLOSING PLATE - 4051595250 (This is the small cover installed over the opening for the circuit breaker. A quantity of 4 mounting screws are also included.)
COVER MOUNTING SCREWS - 4051595350 (order qty 1 = bag of 9 screws)

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