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What are some of the differences between the QO and HOM load centers, and branch circuit breakers?

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QO and Homeline Load Centers and Branch Circuit breakers

Product differences


Below are some of the differences between the QO and Homeline load centers and branch circuit breakers;
(PoN = Plug-On Neutral)
         QO Load Centers                                                     Homeline load centers
1) Tin Plated Copper bus bars                                         Tin plated Aluminum bus bars              
2) Shielded Bus bars                                                      NO shielded bus bars
3) Available in Single and Three Phase                            Available in Single phase ONLY
4) Surface and Flush covers available separately              Combination cover ONLY available and comes with load centers standard
5) Available in both traditional and PoN                            ALL New Convertible, double row construction, Homeline load centers are Plug-On Neutral design
6) Plug-On Neutral panels do not accept tandems            ALL Plug-On Neutral panels accept tandems in all spots

          QO Branch Breakers                                                   Homeline Branch Breakers
1) 3/4 inch wide format                                                        1.0 inch wide format
    NOTE: the QO and Homeline branch breakers are NOT interhchangeable.
2) 'VISI-TRIP' window                                                          No 'VISI-TRIP' window   
    NOTE: the VISI-TRIP window shows a Red indicator flag when branch circuit breaker is Tripped.
3) Some Electrical Accessories                                           No Electrical Accessories
4) More mechanical accessories(see current digest)              Less mechanical Accessories
5) Available in QO, QO-CAFI, QO-GFI, QOT,                       Available in HOM, HOM-CAFI, HOM-GFI, HOM-EPD, HOMT, HOMT-QUAD, HOM-HM
   QO-EPD/EPE, QO-SWN, QO-HID, QO-K and QO-HM     
NOTE:  Both the QO and Homeline branch circuit breakers have the same trip characteristics.

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