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What is the catalog number SO2040BAR used for with Combination Service Entrance Devices?

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Combination Service Entrance Devices




The SO2040BAR is a Wireway Barrier Kit that can be used in conjunction with the SO2040M200S Combination Service Entrance Device. This would also be pertinent to SO2040VP, a Value Pack that includes the SO2040M200S. A new interpretation of the utility designated space and customer designated space has impacted the use of the SO2040M200S. This interpretation only affects panels sold within Arizona, Nevada and California. This wireway barrier must be field installed on this product if it is to be energized in the above states whose utilities are part of EUSERC. EUSERC is an acronym for Equipment Utility Service Requirements Committee.
The purpose of this kit is to prevent load wiring from being routed through the channels beside the enclosed meter socket. If the SO2040M200S is to be installed in areas outside of the EUSERC, where they are utility approved, these wireway barriers may not be required.
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