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How does 9050 JCK off delay timer operate?

Clarify how a 9050 JCK off delay timer operate.
Product Line:
Square D General Purpose Plug-In Type JCK
Variable Time relay 9050JCK21V**, 9050JCK21V**, 9050JCK22V**, 9050JCK23V**, 9050JCK24V**, 9050JCK25V**, 9050JCK26V**, 9050JCK27V**, 9050JCK28V**, 9050JCK29V**, 9050JCK70V**
To clarify that an off delay timer is correct for application.
Control power is applied continuously. When the initiating contact is closed, the output contacts change state. Opening the initiating contact begins the time delay. At the end of the time delay, the output contacts go back to original state. Reclosing the initiating contact during the timing will cause the timing to start over when initiating contact is reopened.
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