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Can the phasing of EZM, EZMR, EZMH, EZML and EZMT Branch Units be changed in the field?

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Three Phase IN (208Y/120 VAC 3-Phase, 4-Wire) and Single Phase OUT (120/208 VAC 1-Phase, 3-Wire) Type: EZM, EZMR, EZMH, EZML and EZMT branch units are phased balanced at the factory as closely as possible, and are capable of being altered on site to more accurately balance total connected loads on each phase.  3-Gang branch units are factory phased balanced  with (1) A-B, (1) B-C & (1) A-C meter socket per position, no additional balancing should be required.  4-Gang branch units are factory phased with (1) A-B, (1) B-C & (2) A-C meter sockets per device.  A meter center having multiple 4-Gang units would be a candidate for additional phase balancing in the field.  This is easily accomplished by moving the meter socket LINE Side only  ``Z-Shaped`` connectors as needed to have an equal number of A-B, B-C & A-C meter socket positions.  Follow instructions provided on the wiring diagram to relocate these connectors in the field.  NOTE:  For 240/120 VAC 3-Phase, 4-Wire DELTA feeding 120/240 VAC 1-Phase, 3-Wire tenants require use of branch units with Suffix  ``CA`` added to their catalog number (Example: EZM314225CA).  These DELTA branch units will have all meter socket positions factory bussed to phases A-C and are not adjustable in the field.

CTA-ID : 2033169
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