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What size wire can be used in an HOM breaker (15-125A; 1- and 2-pole), solid or stranded?

For the lugs of HOM circuit breakers, 15A through 125A, what range of wire sizes can be used? Is it OK to use solid or stranded wire?

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

The following applies to HOM circuit breakers, 1- and 2-pole, 15A through 125A.
Does not apply to HOMT breakers.
Does not apply to HOM breakers with suffix GFI, AFI, CAFI, DF, or EPD.

There is a need to know the size and type of wire that can be used in the lugs of HOM circuit breakers.

HOM 1- and 2-pole circuit breakers are UL Listed and rated to accept the following wire sizes, solid or stranded (type B or C).
Note that some localities restrict may restrict use of stranded wire, so we recommend checking with your local Electrical Inspector.

15A - 30A - Either of the following:
  • 1 wire per lug:  (1) #14 - #8 AWG Aluminum or Copper
  • 2 wires per lug: (2) #14 - #10 AWG Copper

35A - 70A
  • 1 wire per lug: (1) #8 - #2 AWG Aluminum or Copper

80A - 125A
  • 1 wire per lug: (1) #4 AWG - 2/0 kcmil Aluminum or Copper
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