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What is the difference between a HOM2200 and a HOM2200BB? and the HOM2150 and HOM2150BB?

Difference between an HOM2200 and HOM2150 and HOM2200BB and HOM2150BB.

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

Electrical Distribution Equipment

Application for a main versus a application for a branch circuit.

The HOM2200 and HOM2150 were used as main breakers in obsolete Series 1, or Series 2 Homeline main breaker load centers and CSED (Combination Service Entrance Devices). The HOM2200BB and HOM2150BB were used as branch breaker suitable for use in current Series S01 or S02 Homeline load centers and certain Combination Service Entrance Devices.

CTA-ID : 2022115
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