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Can Powerpact breakers be used in existing or older I-line panelboards?

Will existing old I-line style panelboards accept the new Powerpact frame breakers? 

Product Line:

I-line breakers and panelboards sold in the United States.

Product features.

Schneider Electric/Square D evaluated the construction of existing I-Line Panelboards and Switchboards and previously manufactured and installed Panelboards and Switchboards and has confirmed they are the same in basic construction.  Further evaluation shows the use of I-Line circuit breakers with the prefix H, J, L, Q (240V max), MG, MJ, P and R frame to be acceptable for installation and use within these existing Panelboards and Switchboards previously installed in the field.  Care should be taken that voltage and AIC ratings match, are confirmed and compatible between the circuit breaker and the electrical equipment.
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