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What are the proper steps to power up ATV66 drives after they had not been powered up for over a year?

Based on recommendations from our capacitor vendor and from our own experience, the following can be recommended to a Square D service person working on an ATV66 drive that has not been energized in over a year:

Remove the CL1/CL2 jumpers.
Apply rated control power to the CL1/CL2 terminals.
Using a variac or other adjustable AC supply (single phase power is acceptable), slowly increase the drive`s main input voltage (L1, L2, or L3) from zero to rated voltage over a period of 1 hour.
After the hour: remove all power. Wait 5 minutes for the bus voltage to discharge. Reinstall the CL1/CL2 jumpers.
Install the drive and operate as normally.

CTA-ID : 2013369
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