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Who provides support for Class 9050 Type F Fiber Optic control products?

The class 9050 Fiber Optic System was used in Division 1 Hazardous locations as an alternative to traditional electrical controls.

The network consisted of a logic device (e.g., from a foot switch, pushbutton, limit switch, etc.), the fiber cable, and a transceiver (i.e., light transmitter and receiver). A light signal would be emitted from the transceiver, over the fiber optics (in lieu of copper wiring) to the logic device. When the device changed state, the signal returned to the trasnceive would then change state. The tranceiver was then wired to the control circuit / PLC that would process / react to the change in signal.

These devices were obsoleted in the late 1980s and no support is available for them.

CTA-ID : 2005719
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